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Kimcheese Toastie Sundays


What is Kimcheese Toasties?

Our Kimcheese toasties are a Sunday exclusive menu item, served fresh to order alongside homemade teriyaki mayo.

Our toasties consist of white bread, fermented kimchi (Vegan) & a blend of cheddar & Gouda cheese.

What goes Into Our Kimchi Mix?

Our kimchi is a mix of vegetables & spices such as; Chinese cabbage, carrot, Chinese chives, dikon radish, ginger, crushed Korean chillies, rice flour.


This mix is then fermented for 3 weeks before being decanted & spooned into the toasties you love.


Food & Drinks

Along side our kimcheese toasties on Sunday's, we also offer a Sunday Classic cocktail menu that changes seasonally!

Be sure to take advantage of our Kimcheese toastie & classic cocktail offer from 5pm every Sunday while ingredients last!

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